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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So far, the only person I am blogging to, is me. That is okay. Today's subject is weather. Can you believe this HEAT!! I am just thinking about how wonderful Winter is, wearing sweaters, and jeans. John was just regretting that the animals have to endure this heat. Of course, they suffer in the winter as well.

For the last few days, and for the next week, the temperature in North Texas will be 100 or above. If there is any outside chores to do, you do them very early or just before sun down. We passed a crew, yesterday, working on a road, and wished for an umbrella for the flag persons.

I have often lamented about air conditioning changing the way neighbors and friends visited at night on the front porch of their homes. They knew where their children were and what they were doing. They exchanged news of the neighborhood, the national government and the world. There was no twenty-four hour news on the radio. Now, I sit down to send an e-mail and catch up on the news.....all day long. I enjoy playing music over my satellite, much more soothing than news.

Better get back on weather and sign off. I love thunder and lightening, the only things that man has not been able to control, even though they have tried. I lament the loss of the front porch news system but not to the point of giving up air conditioning. Maybe, FaceBook is the answer. LOL

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