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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More on photo developers and PSE 8

My scrapbooking project for the foreseeable future is my husband's 85th Birthday album. I have been shifting through hundreds of photos and slides. Finally, after years, I am getting a handle on PhotoShop Elements, now using 8. The break through came when I took a introductory course at our local college. (I would take more but imagine they are having trouble locating a teacher.) Also, took two courses on the Internet and have a Scrapper's Guide DVD that came with the update to 8. What I finally came to realize is that learning PSE takes time, a lot of time, and effort. The program can do wonders, 8 can even move two people closer in a photo.

While learning PSE I also came to realize that not all developers are the same. Also, PSE makes it so easy to send straight from the Organizer. However, you have to choose between Kodak and Shutterfly. I chose Shutterfly but will give Kodak a look as well. I am not sure if the Shutterfly has made all the difference for now I am running the Auto Smart Fix in PSE before the final Save and sometimes custom adjusting color and contract. Anyway, do not be dissatisfied with your prints, try another local store or send them off. Shutterfly only cost $1.99 for postage. One on-line shop I checked was a flat $5.00. That may be alright when you are ordering 12X12 but certainly not for 4X6.

While on the subject, I must, again, mention that you should not be printing your own photos. The ink on the ink jet is not as achival as you need. Who wants to send all the time on a page or photo to have it fade later. I have no idea why the scrapbooking magazines have stopped writing about archival photos.

I am having LOTS of fun with this album about my husband. Several lines of Graphic45 papers fit together beautifully to give me the papers I need, mostly Gentlemen. I am having trouble cutting and putting pictures over parts of the pages for the paper is so handsome and speaks to me about my husband, his life and interest. The album is 8X8 so I am using very few embellishments, just the paper itself. Will post some of the pages when I actually finish a section. Keep finding more photos I want to add. J

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