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Saturday, April 23, 2016

 Adding update, 24 April 2016

How is this for Celebrating John's 90th birthday!  This party was 3 weeks early because of Spencer's Spring break.  Left to right: Joe and Linda Limb Bunscho, David and Biddie Webb, Spence and Scott Webb, John and Judy with Steve behind. Darcy, Sandy and John Jr.
This delicious Italian Cream Cake was so large, we shared with other tables.  Party was held at Lazy Heart in St. Jo.  So thankful for family.  Announced at party was the wonderful news: Max is expecting a sister: Katherine "Kate" Elder Webb.

Since then, on the 12th John had surgery on right eye to remove a growth in his eye and smooth out the cornea. It went well, healing is going well and his next appointment is Thurs 28th.  And yes, the left eye is next.

This formatting is for the birds !!  This photo was made in March, in Houston, for Biddie's 60th Celebration.  And Yes, Max and his parents were there.  He is such a handsome young man.  Will try for updated photo.

This photo (one below) was made in Houston.  A surprise 60th Birthday Party for Biddie (given by her sister Linda).  Much fun by all.  Sorry, I didn't get a photo of Max.  He was there to add Joy to the Celebration.  We have since learned that Max is expecting a little sister in October, Katherine Elden Webb.  So happy for all.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday, 3 April 2016.  No post for entire month of March.  Yes, the last collection of research: McCleskey, McLain,  White, Dawson, Jarrett, and others are packed ready to be shipped to Cobb Co,, GA after Scott arrives.  It is so handy to have someone that can lift a box without having to unload it, take the box into the Ship and Mail and then carry books in and repack box.  I do not know which research has been the hardest to ship, the McCleskey ancestors or the Holts. Recently, I have been working in Ancestry.com on King family.  All is not lost, I have all in Brother's Keeper and many photos and family memories in paper albums John and I made.  He contributes his memories to photos I have and I enter into Ancestry.com.  That is why I have not been blogging,  Going through my Ancestry entries, adding photos and comments.  It is wonderful knowing my research will not be lost.  Say nothing about photos that some most descendants have never and would never see if I do not not add and identify.  Once again I give credit to two individuals:  my Mother who did wonderful job documenting our Holt family and McCleskey family and Mamie Holt Adams who saved many old photographs from her grandmother Francina Cochran Holt.
    It saddens me to think I spent all these years, starting in 1986, researching and have not found one line that crosses the Atlantic to Europe.  To fill the gap, both John and I have submitted DNA samples to Ancestry.com.  We are waiting for results, so exciting.
   I forecast my percentages as: 75 percent Irish, maybe some English, we know Stalnaker is western German, so a little German.  I have a hunch there may be a little Native American. And there may be some Scandinavian. If you are Irish there is strong possible you have a touch of Scandinavian.  Seems like men from the North, while exploring, raped and pilfered Ireland.  That would be true of Britain as well.  My thoughts, now we will see what science tell us.
   Scott and Spencer arrive Tue, Darcy, Thurs.  David, Biddie, Joe and Linda on Friday.  We are gathering to Celebrate John's 90th birthday (Spencer's spring break is early...so we celebrate early.)  This visit coincides with Medal of Honor week, so we are participating in those events as well.  More later.......happy week.