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Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Yea's Eve, 2015

New Year's Eve, 2015
   Seven years ago today we moved from Iowa Park, TX to Lindsay and this home.  Time has flown !!  Now, 76 and almost 90 (Apr '16) we are not as active.
   Headlines in news today in Texas:  Tomorrow, Texans will lawfully be able to carry handguns in the open.  You need a license to carry, but the gun does not need to be concealed.  Back to Wild West days.  I know you can already "open carry" in WY but do not know how many other states are "open."  This does not please me, lets see how many hours it is before we have a "shoot out."  Terrible, but at least, we can shoot terrorist.  I do not expect John to carry openly, but who knows.  He thinks he is as viable and young as in his 50s or even 60s (but, he is NOT).
  The Dallas Metropolex is trying to recover from Saturday, Dec 26th tornadoes. The count of tornadoes keeps rising, now at 11.  Eleven dead, mostly from cars that were picked up on I-30 and tossed to ground.  Our heart aches.  Many, many homes totaled and many more mangled and have to have serious repairs.
   Only today do the bowl games begin to catch our attention.  Both National College Playoff bowls are today:  AL and Michigan St; Oklahoma and Clemson.  I believe GA plays tomorrow.  You really understand how little all of this means when you see the destruction in Metroplex.......

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday, Nov 29, 2015...
    The more I organize, the more boxes I accumulate.  It is an emotional roller coaster to go through boxes and files I haven't seen in years.  I know I am making progress but there is so much clutter, progress is hard to see.  With genealogy nothing is completely finished, so many questions go unanswered.  Since the beginning of Nov, I did convert my HOLT research into a book.  I printed out my Brother's Keeper HOLT data, added photographs and printed three copies: one for me, one for Fayette Co Historical Soc, and one for Andrew and Kim Ledingham.  Andrew is grandson of Horace Holt (Thomas, Jefferson, Thomas, Elisha).  They recently sent inquiry and to honor Horace's help to me, I printed them a copy.  All of this work was done in MS Word and Photoshop Elements.  The files were put on a thumb drive and printed at Office Depot.
I do no have enough information to print another on my families but perhaps find enough on John's WEBB lineage.  I am awaiting replies from Baxter Co. Historical Society and Stone Co. Historical Society to see if they want Miss Helen's research.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

8 Nov 2015.  These Holt, Kite and Dodd research books were shipped to The Fayette Co, (GA) Historical Society on 2 Nov '15.  I am so thankful to have a place to permanently place them so that they may be used by these families.
   It is very difficult to part with this research.  Much time, over the last 29 years, has been spent in various archives and research facilities: lots of cranks on microfilm readers and many notes taken from dusty books.  I look back on these memories with great happiness.  
   Letters to Baxter Co Historical Society and Stone Co, Historical Societies in Arkansas have been sent for the Webb, King and Hutcheson material; waiting on answers.
   My happiness is tempered with disappointment over not finding any connection to a country of origin.  My research and Helen Hutcheson Webb's research failed to find ancestors that have a record of where they came from.  Most (really All that we researched) have been here so long that records are non-existent. Family researchers have found no written family records and few Bible records. Court house fires and lack of registering contribute.  Haven't been the DNA route yet.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This is my first cousins, Kathleen Graves Boyd who died 25 Sept 2015 at age 95 years.  She was the oldest living member of grand children of J. Thomas and Mary Jackson Holt, a wonderfully optimistic and happy person, someone you enjoyed being with. With her death, our generation has five remaining members: me (Judy  M. Webb), Michael Pickett, Douglas McCleskey, Myra Holt Eison, and Susan P. Gregory (five from a beginning of 23).

Kathleen Graves was born in her parents home on New Hope Rd, Fayette Co., Georgia.  She married Jimmie J. Boyd, had one son, Franklin and was a life long resident of Fayette County.  Her death leaves me the senior member of grandchildren, a sobering fact.

Friday, September 25, 2015

These photos are of Honor Flight DFW #26, Sept 18/19, 2015.  Forty World War II and Korean Veterans being Honored for their military service to US.  Each veteran had a "Butler;" that would be David our son from Houston.  The group spent 2 days visiting Memorials and Monuments associate with US military service.  Four from the group laid wreath at Tomb of Unknown Soldier.

Monday, August 10, 2015

10 August '15....the month is fleeting !  I continue to work with my family history note books, making them presentable for their trip to either Fayette Co, Clayton and Henry Co, and Cobb county Georgia.  Hutcheson-Webb side as well.  Received acknowledgement today for the box sent to Baxter Co, Historical Society with Mountain Home College memorabilia.  While I work in the comfort of air conditioning, it was 101 degrees today.  I feel for those who have only fans and shade.
    Yesterday was the first anniversary of a police man in Ferguson, MO killing an unarmed youth.  The death caused over a week of self destruction.  Reading the head lines today, tension has escalated and one person killed.  I wonder how the political candidates will react.  Last week, during the first Republican debate(s) [so many, 16 men, 1 female, candidates, the first debate was divided and there were 2 debates on same day], race relations was barely touch.
    On a happier thought, eight men were inducted into NF Hall of Fame.  Two who had played for Dallas, Tim Brown and Charles Haley gave outstanding acceptance speeches and are wonderful examples for young blacks to follow. They both had fathers in the home when they were growing up, setting a great example and demanded high standards.  Very rewarding.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

   Tues. 4 Aug 2015
    My office has less books on the shelves.  One box was mailed to Baxter Co., (AR) Historical Society with memorabilia of Helen Hutcheson (Webb) and brother and sister, Elmer and Blondie Webb.  All three attended Mountain Home Baptist College in 1922, '23, '24.  We are happy that they had a need of the annuals and several photos of basketball team and literary societies.  Both Helen and Blondie had scrapbooks.  Not many people were identified but everyone will love seeing the campus, clothing and hair styles of that time period.
     For the last few days I have been working through my Cleveland Family of Henry co, GA.  When I got to James H and Frances Jackson Cleveland I had to take several days off.  These are my great-great grandparents.  They were both born in the 1820's, moving with their parents into Georgia, living in wilderness; suffering many hardships.  Then came The War of 1861-1865.  James died, time and cause unknown, during 1860's;  Fanny was left with family of 8.  Several of our children are sci-fi enthusiasts, never giving the past a thought.  For me, it is about recounting the past for they are the ones that laid our foundation.  In the Cleveland folder is much research, both mind and others, lots of documents and even more theories.  I have a love for old dusty books, only wishing they  contained the answers to questions that may never be answered.  You talk to fellow family historians and they exclaim with much happiness that they can take their family back to Joan of Arc or someone else into 1600's or ealier.  So far, on either side of my lines, Holt or McCleskey, can I take an ancestor back to Europe.
   This is type of emotion I can type here but it has no place in "proven" research.  Some one in another generation may find more data and information.  So far, I have four proven Revolutionary Soldiers.  John can prove a grandfather was with George Washington at Valley Forge during winter or 1777-78.  One of John's great-grandfather surrendered with Robert E. Lee at Appomattox.  John has a great grandfather serving with his father in Union Army in Arkansas.  After the war, the younger man, marries a veteran of CSA.  Many wonderful stories to read, do not need science fiction.