You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C.S. Lewis

Sunday, January 25, 2015

1/25/2015  Making progress collecting photos and data for Jacob and Harriet Fisher King's album.  Kathy Orta included in her core kit, the word Remember.  I can not decide if that will be the name of the album or something else.  The album will hold more than Jacob and Harriet.  The album is so large I will continue with Dorothy Viola Vivian King Webb (daughter of Jacob and Harriet) and then Elmer Columbus Webb (son of D. Viola). This is going to be a great album for Jacob is a very colorful person.  If I was talented, I would write a book using him as the main character.  He fought with the NC 25th Reg, CSA through some of the bloodiest battles of the war; after the war, he moved his family to Arkansas.  He became licensed as a teacher and music teacher, became a Baptist leader, helping to organize several churches.  He was an organizing member of the Free Masons in Stone co.  His four sons became: lawyer, teacher, Baptist minister and physician.  His younger daughters attended two year Mountain Home College.  All of this in a very poor mountainous region of the Ozark Mountains.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

It is dark and rainy in my part of Texas, a very good day, for we always need rain.  In late Dec I started making a true 12 X 12 scrapbooking album designed and tutorial by Kathy Orta.  The album is complete, now 1/22/15, I am organizing materials and papers to use.  The first subject will be Jacob King, John's great-grandfather.  He is a wonderfully fascinating ancestor but choosing material to use is daunting.  Choosing designer papers is even more difficult, I have so much paper and it is so beautiful it is hard to use.  My crafting level is divided between making the album, which I enjoy following tutorial and the construction, but I have little to none creative juices, so using these papers becomes a challenge.  There is constant rearranging of my material, I am trying so hard to use what I have accumulated since 2003.  That taxes my ability and prolongs decisions, however, "perseverance" is my strong point and I aim to present Jacob well and enjoy every piece of paper I cut.  Now, back to my project.

Friday, January 16, 2015

1/16/2015  So far I have not added one bit of information or paper to R 365 album.  I am over come with enormous about of information I have on Jacob King, working slow, gathering photos and decorative paper to do the legend a good job.

The last I heard, this Bible was being donated to Mountain View (AR) Library.  It is the King Family Bible beginning with Jonathan King, born 1800, NC.  Yes, want to take my time and do a good job!                                                                                                        

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 14, '15. One scrapping thing I want to improve is Card Making, so I have signed up for two classes from designers, Kathy Orta of Paper Phenomenon and Kathrine Krieger of Katherine Scraps.  Waiting on the supply deliveries and on-line classes to start in February, something to fill us dark, cold dreary days.  NOT that I need something to do: working on KING FAMILY heritage album and wanting to start through my family history research so I can place research in counties where these ancestors live.  Wish someone in our family interested, but not.  Two sons deeply interested in Sci-Fi !!  Ugh!!    Happy Day!!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

  January 10, 2015  
 I very much want to be a more consistent blogger, if only for myself.  I am working on a huge project, building from chipboard, Kraft-Tex, cardstock and designer paper a 12 X 12 scrapbook album. The album was designed by Kathy Orta, Retrospection 365, it will hold hundreds of photos.  For me, it a satisfaction just to construct the album, but adding information about Jacob King and his family will take the project to a higher level.  He was born and raised in North Carolina, served his state in the Confederate States of America, then migrated to Arkansas.  I have gathered, scanned and printed a number of photographs, now organizing the data lies ahead.
       Also running through my mind today is Nancy Wolf, one of  my husband's great-great grandmothers.  She bore twenty-one children, dying after the 21st child at age forty-three. I honor her and all women who came before birth control. It is hard to imagine the number or loveless marriages for women. Thank you to the thousands of women who fought the battles for us.  I will spotlight Harriet Fisher King and her daughter, Dorothy Viola Vivian King Webb in my scrapbook, they in their own right are remarkable.
      So here is the beginning of the album, lets see how long it takes me to finish.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Surfing Pinterest and You Tube looking for paper flowers; found some really pretty and some I think I can make.  Also found was an altered antique wooden coat hanger on Pinterest. I remember a coat hanger like that, we had it for years, the search was on, but to no avail, guess it went to a new home during the move.  I think this Paper Flowers on Vintage Hanger by littlethings1, via Flickr  coat hanger is only thing I think I wish I had back.  That is good.
     I am not sure I will be half-way regular about blogging.  I have been very crafty lately, just not a blogger.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Too many photos?

Yes, Virginia, you can take too many photos!!  For the last two months I have been making albums for my husband's two oldest sons, my step sons.  They were nine and eleven when we married, fifty-one years ago.  It was fun and they and families will have have these albums (2 each) for, I hope, hundreds of years.
   That leaves our youngest son, now forty-six years, the baby of four boys.  And, my husband and I each had very good SLR cameras.  The ones my husband took were on slides; they have already been scanned to digital format but mine are prints.  That means going through five photo albums.  So, I am struggling with, how many photos do you actually need?  His baby book has one of every school year with many birthday photos.  Do you see where I am going.  You really do not need photos of kids riding their bike, no matter how cute they are.  Now, to be included in my albums, the photo has to have multiple family members.  And, the most important part, is the journaling.  Our family is scattered from Texas to Seattle, WA; North Little Rock, AR and includes a strong link to Georgia.  Yes, with the digital cameras today it is fun to take lots of photos and yes, if I were scrapping my young children, I would make as many pages as I wanted.  What I am trying to do here, is let myself know, that leaving all those print photos that will not make it into his album, is okay.  This son and wife only have one child, a male.  I cannot burden him with multiple albums.  Storage of 12 x 12 albums becomes a physical burden when you get into the dozens.  Yes, I am family historian and have spent the last ten years doing albums of our ancestors.
   Digital photographs has revolutionized family history keeping.  I just wonder what new inventions will make them obsolete?  Nothing stays the same.