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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

22 July 2015....a record, two consecutive post.  All morning spent with McCleskey family binders.  So fortunate to have the Walter McCleskey, "McCleskey Family of Georgia" hard bound book.  He published his research and that of several older cousins that had knowledge of older generations.  While going through data on my aunts and uncles, I found a map of Westview Cemetery, Atlanta, GA.  Of David Lester and Eunice White McCleskey's nine children, five are buried in Westview: Minnie Foster, Alice Cooper and sister Ollie Cooper, two sisters married to two brothers; my dad Wm "Bill" and the youngest sibling, Lucy Manning.  Aunt Fannie and her family moved to AL before I was born, she is buried in Boaz, AL.  Uncle Pink is buried in Miami where he lived for many years. Aunt Bertie is buried in Newnan city, cem with her first husband and the father of her children.  Uncle George is buried in Riverdale Methodist with Aunt Margaret's family.  Uncle J. C. (John C, "Jake") is in Douglas county.
   Westview is huge cemetery on SW side of Atlanta.  I know my mother bought and paid monthly payments for a long time.  It is well maintained and many Atlanta families have relatives entombed there.  All of these family members have death certificates and hunting grave stones in family cemeteries was not necessary.
   The children of David Lester and Eunice White McCleskey were very close and had a great family relationship.  Our Christmas Gatherings were always looked forward to and enjoyed.  Makes my mouth water with the great food brought by each family and shared.  Aunt Ollie and Aunt Alice were legendary cooks.  My favorite from Aunt Alice, Angel Salad (fruit and sweetened whipped cream),  No one can beat Aunt Ollie's Chicken N Dumplings.
   It is written that after three generations no one returns to visit family cemeteries. I am glad mother saw to their burial for I probably have visited her grave for the last time.  Even though Doug lives only 30 miles away, he has no compulsion to visit.  We rest, knowing the grave sites will always be cared for.
   Grandpa and Grandma David and Eunice are buried in near-by Greenwood Cemetery, near the Cooper parents.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

21 July 2015.... I have begun going through each of my Family History notebooks reducing the material to one good copy and material that is "note worthy."  Then you question, what is "note worthy?"  What is worthy to one person means nothing to the next.   I repurposed an old binder by covering with decorative paper and cutting McCleskey with my Cricut.  This activity is both happy and sad, stirs lots of emotions.  Today, I encountered my McCleskey cousins that fought in World War II, several highly decorated for bravery.  They are all gone, our generation is certainly diminishing. Also, the size of our families have gone from nine children to four or less.
    Will close and return to my sorting.  Who knows if I find something else that sends me back to this journal.

Friday, July 17, 2015

17 July 2015  The KING FAMILY album is completed, a total of 6 months-2 weeks devoted to a wonderful family.  My husband, loved and admired his sweet sweet gentle grandmother, Dorothy Viola Vivian KING Webb above all others from his childhood.
    I found the entire family fascinating starting with Samuel King I who camped and with George Washington at Valley Forge and is documented Revolutionary War soldier.
     His great-grandson, Jacob King, was a soldier in Civil War and surrendered with General Robert E. Lee at Appomattox Court House, Virginia.  Mostly, the heritage album of the KING FAMILY is about Jacob. His migration saga from North Carolina to Arkansas is a local legion.  He helped settle this remote area of Arkansas as a teacher, minister and legislator while raising a family of four sons and fire daughters.  Each ten years when the census taker arrived he gave his occupation as farmer.
    The proof of his success is in his children, a lawyer, a teacher, a minister and the youngest, a doctor.  We know the youngest two daughters attended Mountain Home Baptist College.
    One grandson, Milam King, son of Baptist minister Thomas King was so moved by his grandparents, he wrote several personal accounts about Jacob and Harriet Fisher King.
     I honor Harriet Fisher King as well.  Being the wife of an ill paid minister and living on a rocky farm dictated a very hard life.  It took my husband a very long time to understand why anyone would farm the land his great-grandfather did. You do not name a county, Stone, if is free of rocks, stones and mountains. After John retired we went to a Fisher Family Reunion in Brevard, NC.  Brevard is also in the mountains and Jacob found the land in Stone Co, AR similar to the land in NC he left behind.
    Jacob, Harriet, their nine children are part of the fabric that made America great.  Above all, they were God fearing Christians that believed you worked hard, contributed to society and loved your family.  It was a pleasure documenting this family.  JMW

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

8 July 2015   Finished KING FAMILY heritage album yesterday; posted several photos of the pages to Facebook in Paper Phenomenon Fan Page.  It was so rewarding to have such nice comments about the book.  Going to put a few pages here as well.  It was truly a labor of love.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

25 June 2015...gads, six months until Christmas, then our 53 wedding anniversary.
     While looking for an e-mail address found some quotes in my note book: "Life is like a ten speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use."  Charles Schultz. another good one,  "It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop." Confucius     Going slow is beginning to bother me, still lots to do and over three-quarters of a century is showing.
    John is in Washington stare, Federal Way, riding with Scott on his deliveries.  Yesterday they drove through Mount Rainier Park and stopped at a Hops Museum.  Hops and ingredient is some beer(s).  He will have really good stories to tell.
   Making good progress in the KING FAMILY album.  Will post new photos soon.  Good Day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I can't take them with me !!    June 16, 2015.
    The them are all the family history stories I cherish.  My most famous story is about my Aunt Anna Holt (Tidwell) who stopped Union Army's advance from Fairburn, GA to Stockbridge during The War Between the States.  They finally made their pass, but it took time and made a great family story.  John's family history is dotted with several fascinating stories.  And, no one tells the stories better than John, a gifted raconteur.
    As I have worked on the Webb-McCleskey Family Histories, many of these stories are recorded for posterity, hoping that they will be read by generations to come.  More and more, it is all about the hear and now or the future.  I must admit, just this week a new Jurassic movie is breaking all box office records and the History channel produced and presented a multiple hours long history of Texas Independence conflict with Mexico.  No one will ever be sad because our family was forgotten.  NO, NO it is not forgotten and many of our ancestors are covered in detail.  Some of the families of early generations are not covered, just not enough data.  My families were mostly un-eduacted and very poor.  They arrived in America before we were a country and records were not kept.  That is John's fate as well with several wonderful exceptions.
    So, hear's hoping, down the genetic DNA we will have family historians that want to know about their ancestors.  Look, read and enjoy, I tired my very best.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Last day of May 2015
    I would love to be a writer and string beautiful informative descriptions together, recording grand and less grand events.  I am not, so we can progress with that thought.  Since May 6th Texas and Texas weather has been anything but normal.  But, normal weather is an oxymoron in Texas.  Our backyard rain gauge from 6 May until 31 May has collected 21.6 inches. In Dallas it is less than that but rainiest May ever.  Flooding all over the state, several lives loss and millions of dollars of damage done to homes, businesses and infrastructure.  Lots of rivers have not crested yet and more damage yet to come.  If any one ever reads this, they can Google Texas Floods, May 2015.
    John and I stayed in, watched rain gauge rise, cooked our meals and gave Thanks that we were in no danger of flooding.  John Jr's Shop flooded for the third time since 2007.  Very discouraging and a huge mess to clean up.
    So, what does the weather forecast for summer look like.  Forecasters have agreed that average temperature will be -5 degrees cooler, a plus.  I haven't seen or heard about rain fall amounts.  We back-up to Mr Fred Sandmann and his farm.  His wheat is ready to harvest but who knows when it will be dry enough, we are hoping he doesn't lose his wheat or if his field of small grain doesn't drown.
    All the time we were house bound I was working on The KING FAMILY Album.  With a few pictures of E.C.Webb added (his mother was a King) it will be finished.  I love this album and the wonderful colorful people and their stories.  It is a take time to read album and not a flip through.  Now thinking of where to place it.  Scott is already expressing concern over how many albums I have and how little space he has.  I certainly understand and starting to really work on returning my research to the historical societies in area where these people lived.  I see several years of work, I am not bored!!