You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C.S. Lewis

Friday, December 13, 2013

Too many photos?

Yes, Virginia, you can take too many photos!!  For the last two months I have been making albums for my husband's two oldest sons, my step sons.  They were nine and eleven when we married, fifty-one years ago.  It was fun and they and families will have have these albums (2 each) for, I hope, hundreds of years.
   That leaves our youngest son, now forty-six years, the baby of four boys.  And, my husband and I each had very good SLR cameras.  The ones my husband took were on slides; they have already been scanned to digital format but mine are prints.  That means going through five photo albums.  So, I am struggling with, how many photos do you actually need?  His baby book has one of every school year with many birthday photos.  Do you see where I am going.  You really do not need photos of kids riding their bike, no matter how cute they are.  Now, to be included in my albums, the photo has to have multiple family members.  And, the most important part, is the journaling.  Our family is scattered from Texas to Seattle, WA; North Little Rock, AR and includes a strong link to Georgia.  Yes, with the digital cameras today it is fun to take lots of photos and yes, if I were scrapping my young children, I would make as many pages as I wanted.  What I am trying to do here, is let myself know, that leaving all those print photos that will not make it into his album, is okay.  This son and wife only have one child, a male.  I cannot burden him with multiple albums.  Storage of 12 x 12 albums becomes a physical burden when you get into the dozens.  Yes, I am family historian and have spent the last ten years doing albums of our ancestors.
   Digital photographs has revolutionized family history keeping.  I just wonder what new inventions will make them obsolete?  Nothing stays the same.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fifty-one year old Memories

I took photo of these glasses before we moved in 2008.  This set of glasses was given John and I on 1 st anniversary of our wedding, 27 Dec 1963.  John Jr and David gave them to us.  If you broke glass, they were readily available and we used them daily.  After a few years you could no longer find replacement glasses so I retired the set.  I found them while going through cabinets to pack for our move.  We left the holder behind and moved the glasses.  When unpacking, they went on shelves for daily use.  Every time we pull one down, we have fond memories of the boys thinking of us on anniversary so many years ago.  In four weeks, we will be celebrating 51st Anniversary.  Smiling, thinking about all the wonderful memories we have accrued over the last 51 years.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

     The bone folder has been replaced and my scrapping soul is at rest.  It is identical to the one I threw away.  It has a great "feel and weight."  It is assuming battle scars of ink and glue.  Today's miscue is just as bad.  I keep a bottle of unopened glue in my stash so long it dried up.  A $7.00 error, another lesson learned the hard way.  I am sure I have learned these lessons before, but at 73 I can't remember.  LOL  So, it is like I am starting over. 
     It is a beautiful day in NoCentral Texas.  I am finishing up two mini-albums.  Want to be finished before Super Bowl tomorrow afternoon.  

Friday, January 18, 2013

A simple bone folder, yes, a simple bone folder has had me upset for the last week.  It was one of my first tools when I began scrapbooking.  It was ten years old and now it is the garbage dump.  I was using it to cover boxes and carelessly scooped it up with newspaper when I cleaned up.  I loved the feel and weight of that large folder.  I have two small bone folders but neither feels the same or gives me the feeling of really producing a great fold.  My brother would say, "Get a life."    I will have fun shopping for a new one.  So, becareful when you wad up papers after crafting or you too, will loose a something you value.  Happy New Year.   Play everyday...but only after you do your chores. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

     I am thrilled with the gorgeous "preview peeks" from the paper crafting industry.  Especially looking forward to Graphic 45 French Country.  Mostly, my scrapbooking is of very old Heritage over 125 years old.  I am now working on my husband's "Granny,"  not so old but she was born in a log house.  So, G 45's new papers will work great for her and my husband's mother as well.  I have been scrapbooking for 10 years.  It is amazing how the designs have changed and improved.  Beautiful, just beautiful.     Will try to be more consistant about posting.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Not Yet!!  
     For most of the day, I have been sorting through stacks of paper on my desk.  Scrapbooking is fun, filing miscellaneous data is not.  In our home, we have NOT YET reached the "paperless" era.  I want to post a photo of two walls of my studio.  Of course, the new shelves drove me into a organizing frenzy. You must do that occasionally or you smoother in embellishments and paper.  I do recommend  Elfa shelves and drawers from The Container Store.  Sturdy comes to mind.  In my younger days, I do believe I could have assembled them myself.  Stay cool.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Front row view! 

     Looking out my office window, I have a front row view of a pair of Scissortail Flycathers and their nest with two babies.  No feathers on the babies, just fuzz.  It would be nice to add a photo of the family but my 250mm lenses just isn't long enough.  We have a bumper crop of grasshoppers so the parents are not having to fly great distance for food.  The grasshoppers have been dining on our basil and parsley. 
     When I am not watching the little family, I am, once again, organizing my craft space.  Finally found someone that needed a large computer desk.  After it is gone, I will have a wall to add more Container Store shelves and a desk surface for the sewing machine and TV.  I have been scrapping for 9 years and still "finding my style."   My thought process now, tells me to dispense with card making.  It takes me too much time to make card and I send mostly e-cards from Birthday Alarm. You must constantly elvaluate and dispurse or the supplies will comsum your space. 
     I must take photos of some of the Webb Family pages I have made.  So far, I haven't found good light.  Best soloution would be to scan the pages but scanner bed will only do 8.5 x 11 which makes for lot of time to do 12 x12.  Lots of scanning and photomerging.
    It would be better to be more consistant in my blog posting........