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You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C.S. Lewis

Sunday, June 3, 2018

You'll have to go back several weeks to see the "Before" photo of house and yard. This is the way the house and yard looks today 3 June 2018. We are so pleased! Love the new walk-way. Over fifty-five years, this is home number 6.
Do not believe I have each home digitally recorded, but in our family album, do have them all represented. Four of homes are in Houston, one in Wichita Falls (we lived in home number 4 for 30 years! in the Gainesville home almost 9 yrs.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Classes from Debby Schuh

Kipper the Wonder dog
I have made so many albums, this is my on design

GiGi, John's cat.

A dress from my 1st year! 


Some of my favorite things

Scrapbooking buddies: Judy, Sheryl and Judy. Teacher Debbie Schuh and Tracy Burtt.

I kept these books until we moved to Houston in Sept 2017. I loved each and everyone and should have kept and reread.

One of my most favorite memories and experiences was researching in Library of Congress. Have to hunt date. As a student in the early '50s the GA Safety Patrols made a trip to Washington DC; you could stand and peer into the Main Reading Room. It was a thrill to actually walk on the floor. The Family History Room is down the hall and that is where I did my research.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

I am cleaning out old and/or duplicate photos. This one was taken on 12 May 2014. Judy and John, Sandy and John,Jr with Hayden and Hunter and Kipper.  Love it. Very appropriate for Mother's Day! today 13 May 2018  The date of 12 May 2014 must be when I moved them for this photo was taken much earlier, thinking '09 or '10.

My borther, Doug and Graves cousins: Calving, Ann and Kathleen.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

continuing 24April 2018    Photo on new Houston home...before landscapping.

I spent an additional 30 minuets on another photo and our DNA studies from Ancestry.com. My efforts vanished, no amount of looking can bring data back. So, I'll try to repeat. Our move from Gainesville to Houston hasn't been covered. All of it moved so fast. David arrived sometime late April or early May telling us we needed to move to Houston. Knowledge that we needed to be in a larger city with better medical facilities had been building. The older we got the less likely we would be to jump on I-35 to Denton or Hwy 85E to Sherman/Denison for hospitalization.  Scott came down to go with his Dad to his 65th Medical School Graduation; after their return they came to Houston...and found a home that fit our thoughts: near David and Biddie and near Memorial Hermann and doctors.  All of it worked out.
We moved 26 September, are settled and now waiting on Landscape Designer and his crews to transform front yard into beautiful space. Consider this the Before, will add After when yard is finished.
      Also in the "lost entry" is John's DNA results. Will wait to repeat results next time. J

4/24/2018 Loving Spring 2018

April  24, 2018
     I visi my blog so infrequently that I have to learn how to post each time. It is probably good that I do not post very often for I now live a very settled life. It wasn't always this settled, in recent past we campaigned Brittanys and traveled the world. We miss the travelling most of all.
     On the April 28th we will wish our son Scott birthday wishes for number 51, then on 30th we will Celebrate John's 92nd with a family gathering of fifteen.
John is happy man, new Lexus NX
A Happy Man with his 2018 Lexus NX