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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sat, 25 Apr 15.  It is easier to spend words than sort and group patterned paper.  While working on the KING FAMILY history and photo album, the papers are spread over the guest bed.  When family visited last week it was stacked and stored.  Yesterday, I started laying it out on the bed.  I am over come with quantity!! For over a year or two, I have imposed a moratorium  on purchasing more paper.  Mostly, I have adhered to this sanction.  This, I believe, will be my last family album; I do not have enough material both data and photos to do other families.  This leaves me with probably, a twelve inch or higher stack of papers falling towards heritage pages and colors.  What to do!!
  Looming on my office book shelves are about four dozen binders of different width full of family history and photos, my research.  They have to be weeded of duplicate copies, and indexed so these binders can be sent to counties where these families lived (Holt, Jackson, Kite to Fayette Co, GA; King, Webb, Brown to Stone Co, AR, etc, etc, etc).  Leaning to work one-half time on heritage album and one-half time on data management has eluded me.  I started the KING album the last few days of Dec 2014, now approaching the end of four months.  Want to finish this album and put away material.
  Looking forward to 2 May, National Scrapbooking Day; will attend fund raising crop for several classes in Collinsville High School.  This will be new experience for me.  Will see several ladies from Remember When and hope to make new friends.
  Have I mentioned Bernice?  Also, since last few days of 2014, Bernice has been addition to our family.  On our list, she is number 5 but on her list she rates as at least number 3.  I try to walk and work her everyday, weather permitting.  Good for her, good for me.  She is a rather rangy thing with border collie coloring. Today, I have decided she is less Border Collie than other breeds.  Because of her deep chest and very long legs, and long snot, I am convinced she has lots of Greyhound.  She is also bark-less which opens doors to many breeds.  The long and short of knowing her heritage is her behavior.  Border Collies have reputation of being smart and obedient.  They are a herding breed and yes Bernie is a herder....Kipper and GiGi.  Not so good a characteristic for inside dog of old folks.  Life with Bernie to be continued.......

Thursday, April 16, 2015

16 April, noon.  Bernie and I are still training!!  Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisper, says, "calm and assertive."  
     I will try and take some photos of the wildflowers.  No need to try most days, too much wind.  To day would be great day to photograph if wind would lay; light gray sky prevents shadows.   No Blue bonnets in the neighborhood but plenty of pretty wildflowers (I have no clue of names).
     We had very short, 3 days, visit with Spencer and Scott.  High light of trip for them was attending Medal of Honor parade.  Gainesville is host city to Medal of Honor recipients.  All living Medal of Honor recipients are invited each year to attend weekend honoring them, the festivities end with huge parade.  So glad Scott and Spencer here to see.  Not many people get to see so many brave men together.  John and I are very proud that we were in Army and did what was called for service.  John served in Trieste, (now a part of Italy) during 1953-54. It was a wonderful year for him.  He regrets everyday that he was not sent to Korea.  He served several years in Reserves but pressure of growing a business in Houston; he resigned a Lt Col.
    I did a dietetic internship in Brooke General Hospital, San Antonio, TX, then remained on staff afterwards.  A great experience with some really nice people. You know the story, married John and got out.  1st Lt Judy M Webb.


Saturday, April 4, 2015

4 Apr '15, 59 degrees, light wind, noon, BEAUTIFUL day!!!   Have been removing young thistle, adding bleach to septic system and working Bernie in obedience.  Watched Cesar Milan last night, what I have been doing with Bernie isn't getting results I want.  She has no intention of Heeling.  At least we are exercising and the neighbors see us trying.  LOL  Bernie is part Border Collie and part something with long snot and legs, probably from cow dog type, maybe greyhound, or some other hound.  Hounds are not noted for being easily obedience trained.  Of course, the few photos I have of Bernie are on my phone.
    Yes, I am still working on my album.  Stuck on a page using canvas as back ground.  Will put it up as soon as I finish.  JMW

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mar 14, '15.  This morning, I was invited to ride to Denton (TX) with John where he planned to shop at Harbor Freight.  This was an exciting invitation for Harbor Freight shares a parking lot with Hobby Lobby.  It has been a long, wet, icy, snowy, cold Winter in North Texas; I haven't visited Hobby Lobby, Michael's or Joann's but maybe once each.  Actually, it is more a moratorium on NOT buying more scrap-booking  supplies than the weather that kept me away.  Today, I did a lot of looking and only bought a bottle of glue and two stamps. A success story, for I found several pads of gorgeous paper but I must use up some of this beautiful paper in stash first, I bought no paper.  
    The Kathy Orta Files designed, Retrospective 365 album, that I am filling with Heritage photos of John's KING FAMILY ancestors is progressing nicely.  In fact, closing here so I can add another page to the album.  JMW

Sunday, March 1, 2015

03-01-15   For the last two weeks, I have really been working in my KING Album. I consider it an honor to document my husband's Great-grandparents Jacob and Harriet Fisher KING.  Today, just adding some of the first few pages.  Not totally finished but enough to post:

Sunday, February 15, 2015

History has always been a deep part of me.  No science friction, no space travel, only reading and visiting things of olden days.  I have decided that I love living in the "time" that I do, no wash boards, cooking on wood stove or on coals pulled out from hearth.  No, I love my washing machine, drier, vacuum cleaner, you get the picture.  However, that doesn't mean I can not appreciate the people or modern conveniences of their time.  What I appreciate most, is the people who laid the ground work for those of us now.  For the last several weeks I have been working on King Family Heritage Album.  John's dearly beloved Granny was Dorothy Viola Vivian King who married John Walker Webb.  Granny's "
father" as she called him, was famous in Stone County, AR.  But the person in that family (and really in all the families I have studied) was the "mother."  Both Helen Webb and son John remember stories about Jacob King where Vi called her father "Father," what we do not know is what she called her Mother.  His personally was bigger than life.  Poor Harriet Fisher King was the wife, the help mate, the Mother.  The written account of their migration, after the Civil War,  from North Carolina through the entire length of Tennessee, stopping in the middle of Arkansas tells of her being sick with tuberculosis, is well documented.  I want to use every photo available of the women, this is the way of my honoring them in their contribution to settling the United States.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1/28/2015   529 College Fund.  I do not want to be picked up by the government snoopers, trying to use words that are not keywords.  In today's WSJ an article reports that the President has withdrawn any interest in taxing the 529 fund.  It took only 7 days for parents and lawyers to make him realize that was not a good idea.  The clamor "was such a distraction" the President "surrender(ed)."  That is good news to little Max, the other grandchildren's account would have been grandfathered.
     Yesterday, John and I spent time reading letters by a grandson of Jacob King. This grandson (and his sister) lived with Jacob and Harriet after the death of their mother.  Their father, a minister, could not care for them.  This grandson gives great insight into Jacob and will add great depth to Jacob's section.  John and his Mother, Miss Helen, already reported that Aunt Vi (Jacob's youngest child) always talked about "Father" and never about Mother, a real sign of the times. My recent research points out why women have had to march, cajole, picket and be arrested to advance Women's Rights.   None of the advancement came easy. It took World War II for great steps to be made.  Harriet was the wife of a poor Baptist minister.  He was a great man, where he chose to live and his profession dictated their standard of living, Harriet and many like her, had no voice.
    One last comment:  Jacob and Harriet had four sons: a lawyer/judge:an educator (teacher/principal): minister; and physician.  Is not that wonderful! Daughters went to two year Mountain Home Baptist College.  More will be reported in family album.