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Saturday, April 23, 2016

 Adding update, 24 April 2016

How is this for Celebrating John's 90th birthday!  This party was 3 weeks early because of Spencer's Spring break.  Left to right: Joe and Linda Limb Bunscho, David and Biddie Webb, Spence and Scott Webb, John and Judy with Steve behind. Darcy, Sandy and John Jr.
This delicious Italian Cream Cake was so large, we shared with other tables.  Party was held at Lazy Heart in St. Jo.  So thankful for family.  Announced at party was the wonderful news: Max is expecting a sister: Katherine "Kate" Elder Webb.

Since then, on the 12th John had surgery on right eye to remove a growth in his eye and smooth out the cornea. It went well, healing is going well and his next appointment is Thurs 28th.  And yes, the left eye is next.

This formatting is for the birds !!  This photo was made in March, in Houston, for Biddie's 60th Celebration.  And Yes, Max and his parents were there.  He is such a handsome young man.  Will try for updated photo.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday, 3 April 2016.  No post for entire month of March.  Yes, the last collection of research: McCleskey, McLain,  White, Dawson, Jarrett, and others are packed ready to be shipped to Cobb Co,, GA after Scott arrives.  It is so handy to have someone that can lift a box without having to unload it, take the box into the Ship and Mail and then carry books in and repack box.  I do not know which research has been the hardest to ship, the McCleskey ancestors or the Holts. Recently, I have been working in on King family.  All is not lost, I have all in Brother's Keeper and many photos and family memories in paper albums John and I made.  He contributes his memories to photos I have and I enter into  That is why I have not been blogging,  Going through my Ancestry entries, adding photos and comments.  It is wonderful knowing my research will not be lost.  Say nothing about photos that some most descendants have never and would never see if I do not not add and identify.  Once again I give credit to two individuals:  my Mother who did wonderful job documenting our Holt family and McCleskey family and Mamie Holt Adams who saved many old photographs from her grandmother Francina Cochran Holt.
    It saddens me to think I spent all these years, starting in 1986, researching and have not found one line that crosses the Atlantic to Europe.  To fill the gap, both John and I have submitted DNA samples to  We are waiting for results, so exciting.
   I forecast my percentages as: 75 percent Irish, maybe some English, we know Stalnaker is western German, so a little German.  I have a hunch there may be a little Native American. And there may be some Scandinavian. If you are Irish there is strong possible you have a touch of Scandinavian.  Seems like men from the North, while exploring, raped and pilfered Ireland.  That would be true of Britain as well.  My thoughts, now we will see what science tell us.
   Scott and Spencer arrive Tue, Darcy, Thurs.  David, Biddie, Joe and Linda on Friday.  We are gathering to Celebrate John's 90th birthday (Spencer's spring break is we celebrate early.)  This visit coincides with Medal of Honor week, so we are participating in those events as well.  More later.......happy week.

Friday, February 12, 2016

PROGRESS !!  12 Feb 2016.  Today, we shipped 2 book boxes full of Webb, King and Brown research to Stone County (AR) Historical Society for the research library.  Only research left covers McCleskey, McClain, Rhea, and small amounts of Jarrett, White.  As difficult as it was to part with this research, I do have data committed to Brother's Keeper and most of the photographs scanned.  Have saved family much time in sending these albums.  Looking at these two photos shows, still, lots of decisions to make and more to send "somewhere."
    I think this first photo posted of Bernice (Bernie) as she is constant companion while I work in my office.  Chris gave us Bernie in Dec. 2014.  She loves us dearly and we feel same towards her.  Her herding instinct shows around the cat.  Thank goodness GiGi is not afraid of her and strolls through the room almost challenging Bernie, put not quite.  She mostly wants to please but not enough to "Heel."   She wants to be in charge, but she isn't.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Yea's Eve, 2015

New Year's Eve, 2015
   Seven years ago today we moved from Iowa Park, TX to Lindsay and this home.  Time has flown !!  Now, 76 and almost 90 (Apr '16) we are not as active.
   Headlines in news today in Texas:  Tomorrow, Texans will lawfully be able to carry handguns in the open.  You need a license to carry, but the gun does not need to be concealed.  Back to Wild West days.  I know you can already "open carry" in WY but do not know how many other states are "open."  This does not please me, lets see how many hours it is before we have a "shoot out."  Terrible, but at least, we can shoot terrorist.  I do not expect John to carry openly, but who knows.  He thinks he is as viable and young as in his 50s or even 60s (but, he is NOT).
  The Dallas Metropolex is trying to recover from Saturday, Dec 26th tornadoes. The count of tornadoes keeps rising, now at 11.  Eleven dead, mostly from cars that were picked up on I-30 and tossed to ground.  Our heart aches.  Many, many homes totaled and many more mangled and have to have serious repairs.
   Only today do the bowl games begin to catch our attention.  Both National College Playoff bowls are today:  AL and Michigan St; Oklahoma and Clemson.  I believe GA plays tomorrow.  You really understand how little all of this means when you see the destruction in Metroplex.......

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday, Nov 29, 2015...
    The more I organize, the more boxes I accumulate.  It is an emotional roller coaster to go through boxes and files I haven't seen in years.  I know I am making progress but there is so much clutter, progress is hard to see.  With genealogy nothing is completely finished, so many questions go unanswered.  Since the beginning of Nov, I did convert my HOLT research into a book.  I printed out my Brother's Keeper HOLT data, added photographs and printed three copies: one for me, one for Fayette Co Historical Soc, and one for Andrew and Kim Ledingham.  Andrew is grandson of Horace Holt (Thomas, Jefferson, Thomas, Elisha).  They recently sent inquiry and to honor Horace's help to me, I printed them a copy.  All of this work was done in MS Word and Photoshop Elements.  The files were put on a thumb drive and printed at Office Depot.
I do no have enough information to print another on my families but perhaps find enough on John's WEBB lineage.  I am awaiting replies from Baxter Co. Historical Society and Stone Co. Historical Society to see if they want Miss Helen's research.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

8 Nov 2015.  These Holt, Kite and Dodd research books were shipped to The Fayette Co, (GA) Historical Society on 2 Nov '15.  I am so thankful to have a place to permanently place them so that they may be used by these families.
   It is very difficult to part with this research.  Much time, over the last 29 years, has been spent in various archives and research facilities: lots of cranks on microfilm readers and many notes taken from dusty books.  I look back on these memories with great happiness.  
   Letters to Baxter Co Historical Society and Stone Co, Historical Societies in Arkansas have been sent for the Webb, King and Hutcheson material; waiting on answers.
   My happiness is tempered with disappointment over not finding any connection to a country of origin.  My research and Helen Hutcheson Webb's research failed to find ancestors that have a record of where they came from.  Most (really All that we researched) have been here so long that records are non-existent. Family researchers have found no written family records and few Bible records. Court house fires and lack of registering contribute.  Haven't been the DNA route yet.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This is my first cousins, Kathleen Graves Boyd who died 25 Sept 2015 at age 95 years.  She was the oldest living member of grand children of J. Thomas and Mary Jackson Holt, a wonderfully optimistic and happy person, someone you enjoyed being with. With her death, our generation has five remaining members: me (Judy  M. Webb), Michael Pickett, Douglas McCleskey, Myra Holt Eison, and Susan P. Gregory (five from a beginning of 23).

Kathleen Graves was born in her parents home on New Hope Rd, Fayette Co., Georgia.  She married Jimmie J. Boyd, had one son, Franklin and was a life long resident of Fayette County.  Her death leaves me the senior member of grandchildren, a sobering fact.