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Thursday, April 13, 2017

13 April 2017.  It has been so long since I checked my blog I have forgotten how to navigate. I have been making boxes!! Adding several of the boxes made:

Since starting Ann E Webb Medlock's childhood albums in 2003 I have enjoyed making scrapbooks of our kin, ancestors and living.  Finally in 2015 I finished.  The only thing unscrapped  are thousands of travel photos.  We traveled the world and took many great photos, but they mean little to our family who were not with us, so, I am not putting them in books.  Just today, spent time looking at digital photos of our 2008 trip to the Five National Parks in Utah: Canyonlands, Arches, Coral Reef, Bryce and Zion. In Ireland they talk about the 40 shades of green, I believe there are more than 40 shades of red in Utah. It was a great trip, just the two of us.
   So now, I am making albums and boxes for gifts: Album and box from Graphic 45 Come Away with me for Vicky Moreno (our maid's daughter. A student in NTU Denton.) An album and box for both Hunter Medlock and Alfred Moreno, both graduating from high school in May; also made box and album and box for Hayden using Come Away with Me.  I didn't get photos of their albums or boxes.  Counting Max and Kates boxes and one for Sandy and Darcy: 8.  Now, I am working on 9-12: John Jr, David, Scott and Joe Bunscho.  I am still having trouble covering the top corners; spent houses watching videos on YouTube and box construction. The gorgeous paper makes the box and keeps them interesting for me. Will try to get photos of the one I am now working on. Going to try to add the box I made for Darcy.
This is album and box for Hayden' s 16th Birrthday