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Sunday, February 15, 2015

History has always been a deep part of me.  No science friction, no space travel, only reading and visiting things of olden days.  I have decided that I love living in the "time" that I do, no wash boards, cooking on wood stove or on coals pulled out from hearth.  No, I love my washing machine, drier, vacuum cleaner, you get the picture.  However, that doesn't mean I can not appreciate the people or modern conveniences of their time.  What I appreciate most, is the people who laid the ground work for those of us now.  For the last several weeks I have been working on King Family Heritage Album.  John's dearly beloved Granny was Dorothy Viola Vivian King who married John Walker Webb.  Granny's "
father" as she called him, was famous in Stone County, AR.  But the person in that family (and really in all the families I have studied) was the "mother."  Both Helen Webb and son John remember stories about Jacob King where Vi called her father "Father," what we do not know is what she called her Mother.  His personally was bigger than life.  Poor Harriet Fisher King was the wife, the help mate, the Mother.  The written account of their migration, after the Civil War,  from North Carolina through the entire length of Tennessee, stopping in the middle of Arkansas tells of her being sick with tuberculosis, is well documented.  I want to use every photo available of the women, this is the way of my honoring them in their contribution to settling the United States.