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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Can you Believe?  Two post in one day.  This one is about having fun in Ancestry.com.  For DNA purposes it is suggested you use one family tree.  By being slow to start a Family Tree I was able to post both John's and my data as one Family Tree.  That makes it easier to find other kit and kin that are researching their ancestors...and your ancestors.  
    Now, instead of making scrapbook pages, I can post photos and stories to individuals and hopefully their history and stories will be seen by more than a few and will be open to everyone forever.  I am so proud of my cousins that were  part of World War II and part of The Greatest Generation.  That is my project for the next few days:  Brothers George and John McCleskey,  brothers Lester, C.B., and J.H. Keys (s/o Bertie McCleskey), brothers: Glenn and C.H. 'Buddy' Holt; Brothers: Jasper, Calvin and Carl Jr Graves (sons of Esther Holt). They are now, all gone, but I Honor them with all my heart.  
A little side step away from Genealogy/Family History for today.  I was just looking at several of my completed projects.  Finally, I realize I made them for myself and I do not have to gift them; enjoy and see what happens down the way.
This is Who I AM !!

Is this font too large, I enjoy the larger font, do not think it matters to others.  Since last post we have received our DNA results from Ancestry.com.  

Asia< 1%

  • Trace Regions
    < 1%


  • Europe West36%
  • Great Britain21%
  • Ireland17%
  • Scandinavia13%
  • Iberian Peninsula8%
  • Trace Regions

West Asia3%

  • Trace Regions