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Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Yea's Eve, 2015

New Year's Eve, 2015
   Seven years ago today we moved from Iowa Park, TX to Lindsay and this home.  Time has flown !!  Now, 76 and almost 90 (Apr '16) we are not as active.
   Headlines in news today in Texas:  Tomorrow, Texans will lawfully be able to carry handguns in the open.  You need a license to carry, but the gun does not need to be concealed.  Back to Wild West days.  I know you can already "open carry" in WY but do not know how many other states are "open."  This does not please me, lets see how many hours it is before we have a "shoot out."  Terrible, but at least, we can shoot terrorist.  I do not expect John to carry openly, but who knows.  He thinks he is as viable and young as in his 50s or even 60s (but, he is NOT).
  The Dallas Metropolex is trying to recover from Saturday, Dec 26th tornadoes. The count of tornadoes keeps rising, now at 11.  Eleven dead, mostly from cars that were picked up on I-30 and tossed to ground.  Our heart aches.  Many, many homes totaled and many more mangled and have to have serious repairs.
   Only today do the bowl games begin to catch our attention.  Both National College Playoff bowls are today:  AL and Michigan St; Oklahoma and Clemson.  I believe GA plays tomorrow.  You really understand how little all of this means when you see the destruction in Metroplex.......