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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday, Nov 29, 2015...
    The more I organize, the more boxes I accumulate.  It is an emotional roller coaster to go through boxes and files I haven't seen in years.  I know I am making progress but there is so much clutter, progress is hard to see.  With genealogy nothing is completely finished, so many questions go unanswered.  Since the beginning of Nov, I did convert my HOLT research into a book.  I printed out my Brother's Keeper HOLT data, added photographs and printed three copies: one for me, one for Fayette Co Historical Soc, and one for Andrew and Kim Ledingham.  Andrew is grandson of Horace Holt (Thomas, Jefferson, Thomas, Elisha).  They recently sent inquiry and to honor Horace's help to me, I printed them a copy.  All of this work was done in MS Word and Photoshop Elements.  The files were put on a thumb drive and printed at Office Depot.
I do no have enough information to print another on my families but perhaps find enough on John's WEBB lineage.  I am awaiting replies from Baxter Co. Historical Society and Stone Co. Historical Society to see if they want Miss Helen's research.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

8 Nov 2015.  These Holt, Kite and Dodd research books were shipped to The Fayette Co, (GA) Historical Society on 2 Nov '15.  I am so thankful to have a place to permanently place them so that they may be used by these families.
   It is very difficult to part with this research.  Much time, over the last 29 years, has been spent in various archives and research facilities: lots of cranks on microfilm readers and many notes taken from dusty books.  I look back on these memories with great happiness.  
   Letters to Baxter Co Historical Society and Stone Co, Historical Societies in Arkansas have been sent for the Webb, King and Hutcheson material; waiting on answers.
   My happiness is tempered with disappointment over not finding any connection to a country of origin.  My research and Helen Hutcheson Webb's research failed to find ancestors that have a record of where they came from.  Most (really All that we researched) have been here so long that records are non-existent. Family researchers have found no written family records and few Bible records. Court house fires and lack of registering contribute.  Haven't been the DNA route yet.