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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

12 July 2017. Changing direction for this post, from boxes to genealogy.
     We have had so much fun with our DNA results. Have been peeking around in Ancestry, helping Sandy find ancestors;  looking to see what HINTS might bring additional data for both John and  I.  It isn't hard to add information you find to your Profile. Most Family Historians love sharing research and "setting the record straight." Sharing information is great as long as the information you are sharing is correct. When you are trying to "Prove" an ancestor that was born in 1700s you automatically have difficult job. I have at least four great-grandfathers that fought in Revolutionary War. The peoples of that time were busy building a home and working to provide food for families, who thought about records. You are talking about rugged frontiers with little to no governments or churches.
    Now, I am trying to get record corrected for two ancestors. When I entered Daughters of American Revolution (DAR) in 1986 you could Prove yourself back to a female relative that had already done the hard work of making sure all data correct. I chose James McCleskey for my first ancestor. Research into James' life started many years ago but we still do not know who his parents are and facts about his wife, Isabella Rhea are disputed.  No problems has arisen with John Shaw or Henry Kite. However, William Dodd has, more or less, been un-proven. I am sure the William Dodd I used for DAR membership is not my ancestor, now to find correct one and get information out to help others miss that mistake. At first, I was irritated that so many take information, use it as truth without every trying to make sure it is accurate. The Internet and Internet sites make it easy to publish but they are not first to do it it is just easier. So, I am off to Ancestry to find my real Dodd ancestor and to take down William. Please, if you are interested in Family History, please learn the rules and Prove your research. I have been extremely pleased with effort Ancestry.com puts into training and getting information on How to out to people who need to learn. Effort must come from researcher as well.

My Great-Great Grandparents Calvin and Lucinda Dodd Kite (Kight).

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