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Sunday, July 24, 2016

The older I get, the larger I need text to be larger.  At least I can reduce it after writing post(if I want).  I am have both a productive and emotional Sunday morning.  Continuing on my "reduction" strategy, to reduce any thing that is not essential.  This AM, it a box of my memorabilia and Mother's last two remaining scrapbooks.  They are crumbling.  I keep wondering if National Archives or Library of Congress would want material she saved, but the things she saved: photos of comedians, entertainers, actors and political figures would probably already be in their archives.  She also saved obituaries, wedding announcements, stories of interest to her.  They bring back wonderful memories to me, but not to my children.  There is not enough room to save everything, so I am saving only family memories.  Scott has already mentioned the amount of space these albums will need.  So, I am already toying with idea about sending family albums to historical societies where my families lived.  Or at least leave directions on how and where to send after they enjoy for a while.

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