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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

swish. . . .then it is 6th July.  To save lives, the weather channels and national weather forecasters are issuing more heat advisories, several days in a row.  The temps haven't even been in the triple digits, but with this humidity, it is terrible.  
      The  Boston Pops and music from the National Capitol proved how old we are; we didn't know many of the entertainers and the music was unrecognizable to us.  There were some familiar Patriotic songs and we loved the military trumpeters and all the flags.    
    Genealogy Road Show was on last night.  It was thrilling to see how the researchers could help several families seeking answers to neat questions.  My DNA results was interesting, but didn't exactly give me the answers to who I am and where did I come from, or at least, close enough for me.  I really, only know that the McCleskeys originated in Ireland, that leaves a lot of families that came from Western Europe, Britain, Scandinavia, Iberian Peninsula, Finland/NW Russia and that tiny part of me that came from the Caucasus and Middle East. 
    Today was John Jr's 5th chemo therapy, we haven't received update.
   Only 10 weeks until days begin cooling down.  This is my least favorite weather period.   JMW 

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