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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I can't take them with me !!    June 16, 2015.
    The them are all the family history stories I cherish.  My most famous story is about my Aunt Anna Holt (Tidwell) who stopped Union Army's advance from Fairburn, GA to Stockbridge during The War Between the States.  They finally made their pass, but it took time and made a great family story.  John's family history is dotted with several fascinating stories.  And, no one tells the stories better than John, a gifted raconteur.
    As I have worked on the Webb-McCleskey Family Histories, many of these stories are recorded for posterity, hoping that they will be read by generations to come.  More and more, it is all about the hear and now or the future.  I must admit, just this week a new Jurassic movie is breaking all box office records and the History channel produced and presented a multiple hours long history of Texas Independence conflict with Mexico.  No one will ever be sad because our family was forgotten.  NO, NO it is not forgotten and many of our ancestors are covered in detail.  Some of the families of early generations are not covered, just not enough data.  My families were mostly un-eduacted and very poor.  They arrived in America before we were a country and records were not kept.  That is John's fate as well with several wonderful exceptions.
    So, hear's hoping, down the genetic DNA we will have family historians that want to know about their ancestors.  Look, read and enjoy, I tired my very best.

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