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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Last day of May 2015
    I would love to be a writer and string beautiful informative descriptions together, recording grand and less grand events.  I am not, so we can progress with that thought.  Since May 6th Texas and Texas weather has been anything but normal.  But, normal weather is an oxymoron in Texas.  Our backyard rain gauge from 6 May until 31 May has collected 21.6 inches. In Dallas it is less than that but rainiest May ever.  Flooding all over the state, several lives loss and millions of dollars of damage done to homes, businesses and infrastructure.  Lots of rivers have not crested yet and more damage yet to come.  If any one ever reads this, they can Google Texas Floods, May 2015.
    John and I stayed in, watched rain gauge rise, cooked our meals and gave Thanks that we were in no danger of flooding.  John Jr's Shop flooded for the third time since 2007.  Very discouraging and a huge mess to clean up.
    So, what does the weather forecast for summer look like.  Forecasters have agreed that average temperature will be -5 degrees cooler, a plus.  I haven't seen or heard about rain fall amounts.  We back-up to Mr Fred Sandmann and his farm.  His wheat is ready to harvest but who knows when it will be dry enough, we are hoping he doesn't lose his wheat or if his field of small grain doesn't drown.
    All the time we were house bound I was working on The KING FAMILY Album.  With a few pictures of E.C.Webb added (his mother was a King) it will be finished.  I love this album and the wonderful colorful people and their stories.  It is a take time to read album and not a flip through.  Now thinking of where to place it.  Scott is already expressing concern over how many albums I have and how little space he has.  I certainly understand and starting to really work on returning my research to the historical societies in area where these people lived.  I see several years of work, I am not bored!!

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