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You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C.S. Lewis

Thursday, April 16, 2015

16 April, noon.  Bernie and I are still training!!  Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisper, says, "calm and assertive."  
     I will try and take some photos of the wildflowers.  No need to try most days, too much wind.  To day would be great day to photograph if wind would lay; light gray sky prevents shadows.   No Blue bonnets in the neighborhood but plenty of pretty wildflowers (I have no clue of names).
     We had very short, 3 days, visit with Spencer and Scott.  High light of trip for them was attending Medal of Honor parade.  Gainesville is host city to Medal of Honor recipients.  All living Medal of Honor recipients are invited each year to attend weekend honoring them, the festivities end with huge parade.  So glad Scott and Spencer here to see.  Not many people get to see so many brave men together.  John and I are very proud that we were in Army and did what was called for service.  John served in Trieste, (now a part of Italy) during 1953-54. It was a wonderful year for him.  He regrets everyday that he was not sent to Korea.  He served several years in Reserves but pressure of growing a business in Houston; he resigned a Lt Col.
    I did a dietetic internship in Brooke General Hospital, San Antonio, TX, then remained on staff afterwards.  A great experience with some really nice people. You know the story, married John and got out.  1st Lt Judy M Webb.


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