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Friday, February 12, 2016

PROGRESS !!  12 Feb 2016.  Today, we shipped 2 book boxes full of Webb, King and Brown research to Stone County (AR) Historical Society for the research library.  Only research left covers McCleskey, McClain, Rhea, and small amounts of Jarrett, White.  As difficult as it was to part with this research, I do have data committed to Brother's Keeper and most of the photographs scanned.  Have saved family much time in sending these albums.  Looking at these two photos shows, still, lots of decisions to make and more to send "somewhere."
    I think this first photo posted of Bernice (Bernie) as she is constant companion while I work in my office.  Chris gave us Bernie in Dec. 2014.  She loves us dearly and we feel same towards her.  Her herding instinct shows around the cat.  Thank goodness GiGi is not afraid of her and strolls through the room almost challenging Bernie, put not quite.  She mostly wants to please but not enough to "Heel."   She wants to be in charge, but she isn't.

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