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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fifty-one year old Memories

I took photo of these glasses before we moved in 2008.  This set of glasses was given John and I on 1 st anniversary of our wedding, 27 Dec 1963.  John Jr and David gave them to us.  If you broke glass, they were readily available and we used them daily.  After a few years you could no longer find replacement glasses so I retired the set.  I found them while going through cabinets to pack for our move.  We left the holder behind and moved the glasses.  When unpacking, they went on shelves for daily use.  Every time we pull one down, we have fond memories of the boys thinking of us on anniversary so many years ago.  In four weeks, we will be celebrating 51st Anniversary.  Smiling, thinking about all the wonderful memories we have accrued over the last 51 years.

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