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Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting the hang of it!!

Finally,!!  I made my first 'Cut' using Cricut Craft Room.  In fact, after kicking and crying, I think it will prove to be better than Design Studio.  The kicking and crying came over having to learn something new.  I have so many photos to put in albums that I hated to take the time to learn yet another program.  Isn't Photoshop Elements hard enough!!  That will be an on going learning experience as I think Craft Room to be.  Hoping to ward off Alzheimers with all this learning.

All is not wonderful with Craft Room and my Cricut Personal Cutter.  My machine is so old that it will not do all that the newer ones can.  The notice said they were trying to 'fix' the problem.  I have decided that I do not need a 12 X 12 cutting area.  Mostly, I am dealing with small die cuts that works with 6 x 12.  So, lets hope they correct the problem.  I want to leave my cartridges in Jukeboxes and not have to insert the cart into the machine.  That is part not working on older machines.

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